K. Fierheller - Life Coach, Counsellor, Psychotherapist
1851 Sirocco Dr SW #104 Calgary
AB T3H 2Y3 Canada +1 888-540-5791
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  • Description:
    Ken Fierheller - well-known psychotherapist from Calgary provides effective life coaching, as well as counselling services for couples. Contact K.Fierheller to get helpful professional assistance.
    Categories: Calgary Psychotherapist
  • Reviews:
    "I wanna say about Ken Fierheller that he is an authenticity professional and honesty are incredibly useful in the therapy setting, and I believe that his feedback to clients helps them integrate change and grow in a lasting way. I greatly respect Ken as a therapist, and would not hesitate to send clients to him. I feel lucky to have him as a neighbor!"
    Mao Andes.

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